The TecDoc Auto Parts Catalog is recognized in the automotive industry and contains detailed information about spare parts for various car models. It allows a store to offer customers precise and compatible options for their vehicles.

TecDoc is the largest after-market auto parts catalog, encompassing over 10 million products, over 800 auto parts manufacturers, and 110 thousand vehicle models (cars, trucks, utility vehicles, and motorcycles). The TecDoc catalog enables the correct identification of auto parts compatible with a vehicle model by selecting the car manufacturer, model, and engine specifications or by entering the chassis series (VIN). Parts can also be found by searching the part number, in which case equivalent products are also returned.

To integrate the TecDoc catalog into your online auto parts store, it is necessary to obtain a license to use the TecDoc API web service provided by TecAlliance GmbH. The TecDoc license, offered by TecAlliance, is a commercial license that allows software providers and developers to access and use data from the TecDoc database to develop applications, platforms, or software solutions for the automotive industry. The license to use the TecDoc catalog can only be provided by TecAlliance directly or through their authorized partners. For Romania, the authorized partner managing licenses for Southern and Eastern Europe is based in Hungary. Unfortunately, there are unauthorized sellers in the Romanian market who provide incomplete or incorrect information and promote offers at lower costs than official offers.

For this reason, we recommend consulting the list of authorized partners on the TecAlliance website and ensuring that you make purchases from them.

Consultancy for Obtaining the TecDoc License:

We can connect you with the authorized TecAlliance partner responsible for our country and assist you in correctly completing the necessary documents to obtain the license as quickly as possible and at the best price.

Online Auto Parts Store with TecDoc License:

For over 10 years, we have continuously improved our custom solution to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We offer a custom application designed specifically for selling auto parts online, providing a wide range of functionalities:

  • Efficient integration of the TecDoc API and retrieval of products with all relevant information, including vehicle compatibility, an advanced filtering system based on characteristics, images, and technical documentation for part installation, search using the chassis series (VIN), vehicle selection, and quick search using part numbers.
  • Retrieval of price and stock information from your suppliers.
  • Import system for after-market parts not available in the TecDoc catalog (based on equivalences).
  • Import system for original parts (based on equivalences or using OE codes).
  • Price management system. You can increase or decrease your prices through a margin system using percentage based on multiple criteria.
  • Universal product catalog system with configurable filtering from the admin panel, allowing product imports using Excel files (including product images).
  • Shipping cost management based on cart value and integrated courier service providers
  • Customer accounts:
    • Customers can order with or without an account.
    • Quick customer search in the admin panel based on multiple attributes.
    • Customers can save their vehicle list in their account, visible in the admin panel as well.
    • Order history and customer order statistics.
    • Ability to delete personal data while retaining orders in an anonymized format.
    • Wishlist and abandoned cart management.
    • Shipping and billing address management.
  • Orders can be created and edited from the admin interface.
  • Quoting module available from the admin interface.
  • Indexing the URLs of TecDoc-licensed auto parts stores is more challenging than regular online stores due to the vast amount of information. Hence, we have developed multiple SEO tools in the admin panel to help with this.
  • Online payment through payment processors such as PayPal, Klarna, Stripe and others.
  • Discount voucher system, offering fixed-value or percentage-based discounts based on defined factors in the admin panel.
  • Integration with relevant marketplaces in the domain, such as eBay.
  • Product feed generation for online marketing campaigns.