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If you need to sell car parts online, B2B or B2C, you need an ecommerce solution that integrates a large parts catalogue with your suppliers information and own ERP offering a simple and easy to use interface for your customers, then the best solution is to integrate TecDoc catalogue in your site using TecDoc Webservice API.

TecDoc is the largest after market car parts catalogue in Europe containing more than 10 million parts, more than 800 parts manufacturers and more than 110 thousands car types. TecDoc Webservice API allows identifying the car type by selecting car manufacturer, then model and type, using VIN search and for many countries in Europe by number plate search. After selecting the correct car type the user is presented with the categories tree for that given car type. After seleting the category of interest the user is presented with the list of after market (AM) parts that fit his car. 

TecDoc Webservice API also provides the needed methods for searching by AM or OE code. In this case the user gets the part with the code that he searched and also the equivalent parts from other manufacturers. When displaying the parts list the TecDoc API provides methods to create advanced filtering systems that allow users to find the part they are looking for with just a few clicks.

For most of the parts, TecDoc Webservice API provides detailed information about the products, compatible vehicles, equivalent OE codes, product images and installation instructions PDF files.

The product information is provided by manufacturers that are certified data providers for TecAlliance to ensure that the information is accurate and reliable.

One of the most important benefits of using the TecDoc Webservice API is that the data is hosted on high performance cloud environment. This allows developing fast and performant applications that always use the latest TecDoc data.

We can assist you in getting TecDoc licence from TecAlliance and choose the extra-services that will benefit most your business.

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