Not every product is suitable to be sold online but this doesn’t mean it can’t be promoted online. If you sell products in this category, then you need an online products catalog. Even if actual sales will not be achieved through the site your product will gain visibility.

Our solution for products catalog is built having in mind speed optimization and shortening the page load time. We built this online catalog separating presentation from application logic, so you can make design changes as often as you want without affecting the functionality of the application. You don’t need to rebuild the entire site just because you want it to look better.

The administration interface is extremely friendly and easy to use. You may have heard that it doesn’t matter how the admin looks because nobody sees it. We believe that this isn’t true. You see it, and more than that, you see it every day. You work in and with the administration interface. If you don’t have an easy to use and pleasant admin, then your work becomes tedious and hard.

Security is a very important subject and we choose to treat it very much so. Exploiting security weaknesses leads to periods in which your site isn’t online, decrease of ranking in search engine results and affects your brands image. All this means financial losses, sometimes significant ones. Using a custom application is a great security advantage as possible exploits are not public knowledge.

About Search Engine Optimization we can say many things. SEO activities can be divided into two categories: on-site optimization and off site optimization. Our applications have all the SEO elements necessary  for on-site. So you can set from admin meta tags (meta title, meta keywords and meta description) for each page, each image allows you to add title image, and all the site URLs are search engine friendly and contains the relevant keywords.