Because every business is different, we believe that it needs an online presence that evolves at the same pace as it. For this reason, we develop customized solutions for each client without starting from open-source platforms.
Below are some types of websites that we can develop. | Web development | Presentation website | Web design, web development, online marketing
Presentation website

If you want a site to showcase your business and give customers the opportunity to contact you or if you launched a new service and want to promote it individually then you need a presentation site. The presentation sites we build...

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Product catalog

Not every product is suitable to be sold online but this doesn’t mean it can’t be promoted online. If you sell products in this category, then you need an online products catalog. Even if actual sales will not be achieved through the site your product will gain visibi...

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Online store

If you want to create or rebuild an existing online store, then we believe that we can offer the best solution for e-commerce. We offer a fast, efficient and stable online store, designed to adapt to your business needs. Our e-commerce solution w...

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Auto Parts Shop using TecDoc

The TecDoc Auto Parts Catalog is recognized in the automotive industry and contains detailed information about spare parts for various car models. It allows a store to offer customers precise and compatible options for their vehicles. TecDoc is the largest after-market auto parts catalo...

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Custom application

Do you have a unique idea and want to put it into practice but the platforms you have analyzed do not satisfy you? Do you find only a part of what you need and are you thinking of modifying the existing platform or bringing other parts from other platforms? Do you h...

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TecDoc auto parts webshop

Get your reasonably priced TecDoc web shop today Our automotive ecommerce solution allows you to sell online millions of auto parts with an easy to use admin interface. We fully integrate TecAlliance data web service into our auto parts online shop solution. The admin is easy to use,...